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Terms of use

By participating in the promotion, you agree to comply with the official rules and regulation.



The promotion is open for everyone to participate regardless of sex, nationality, with the exception of Korean citizens, foreigners residing in Korea, and minors (those under the age of 18). The sponsor reserves the right to select the winners, and in the case of any illegal or unethical submissions, revoke any and all prizes, gifts, and promotion goods and select a new winner.



The Seoul City's Official Tour Information Website, "VisitSeoul.net" is sponsoring the promotion, and gives authority to Interactivy to manage the promotion.


Participation period

This promotion starts from September 13th, 2017 and ends October 11th, 2017 (KST). Winners will be announced on October 19th. The date of the announcement of the winners are prone to change due to the host's situation.


Participation method

1.Access the promotional website (Event Page URL)

2.Participate in the following order (Login and enter the photo number and comment correctly as suggested)

1) After watching the VTC10 videos, choose A of the D Seoul tour concepts of your choice.

2) Login to your SNS and write the name of the place(the tour type and name) and the reason why you chose it.

EX) A type! With beautiful Hanbok, I want to follow the footage of DaeJangGeum at the Gyeongbokgung Palace! #Visitseoul



Participation condition

Participation during promotion period can be accessed through the internet. Participation from the other methods can be disqualified. Submission is considered complete once the release of personal information required for participation via SNS account has been confirmed. The sponsor reserves the right to deny participation due to reasons including a falsification of personal information, aggressive or inappropriate comments, or any violation of laws. Participants are responsible for all personal data provided, such as their name and e-mail address. Also participants shall observe the laws and regulations related to national copyright, trademark law, moral right, personal information protection and right of public relation. Participants are responsible for their actions, and the sponsor holds no legal responsibility in the case of participants or winners misconduct.



1st place prize is a roundtrip ticket to Seoul(ICN) - Vietnam(HAN) (2 tickets / Vietnam Departure) to 1 person, 2nd place prize is Amazon.com 30$ vouchers to 60 people.

Prizes are prone to change due to the host's situation.

Air ticket is available until December 31st, 2017.


Prizes restrictions and conditions

1) Winners will be announced via the event homepage and individual email. Winners will be asked to give personal information for the reservation of air tickets and event vouchers.

The sponsor will only use the winner's personal information only for air tickets and event vouchers. (Event mail seoulevent1@gmail.com)

Personal information is managed under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Korea and will be terminated after the termination of the promotion.

2) The winners must respond by filling out the required form within 7days upon notification. If there is no response within 7days, winner will be disqualified and sponsor can select another winner.

3) Prizes cannot be transferred or sold to another person.

4) Delivery fee, duty and taxes of prize are to be paid by the sponsor.

5) Airline tickets schedule shall be fixed by the sponsor. The sponsor holds no legal responsibilities for the winner's inability to conform the the schedule set by the sponsor.

6) If winner forfeits their prize, the prize will be returned to sponsor and another winner will be selected.

7) Prizes cannot be refunded or exchanged.

8) The prize can be changed at any time by the sponsor.



The sponsor reserves the right to select winners based on the criteria they see fit.



Winners will be selected by partners, media and editors based on the prearranged criteria. The partners will then notify the sponsor of the winners, and the sponsor will not intervene directly when selecting the winner.


Notice agreement

Winner will be informed by e-mail, certified SNS account or phone individually after the promotion period. Also it will be published on promotion website and VISIT SEOUL facebook page. If there are no response or feedback in certain period, winner will be disqualified and another winner will be selected by sponsor


Use of personal data

Participants agree as follows.

1) The sponsor reserves the right to use any personal data provided by participants for selecting and informing to winner. Also, it can be used for any marketing activities such as e-mail, etc.

2) Personal data collected is for selecting and informing to winner. The data is transferred to sponsor's partners to provided prizes such as hotels tickets.

3) Participants will be disqualified if personal data are not provided.


Participants agree to comply with the following:

1) Please read and accept the terms and conditions of this promotion.

2) Participants shall not be engaged in making a false statement intended to slander or defame others, making any private violations, an act causing harm to others and racial discriminations .

3) Participates shall not infringe upon copyrights or other rights and violated law and regulations of one's country.

4) Contents may not contain any themes of violence, racism, pornography, sexism, or anything else that can potentially be harmful to others.

5) Contents may not contain anything insulting, cruel, or animal abuse.

6) Participants agree to not violate general human rights.

7) Contents may not contain any chain distribution systems, multilevel selling, pyramid sales, spam mail, junk mail and unauthorized e-mail.

8) Contents may not contain any viruses, malfunction software or hardware, worms, or hacking programs.

9) Participants agree that any personal data provided by participants can be used for program promotion and activities - selecting and informing winner.

10) Participants agree that any personal data provided by participants can be transferred to partners such as travel agency, hotels and etc.

11) All participants agree to the storage of personal data in sponsor's database to be used for sponsor and partner's activities. If personal data provided by participants is not true and accurate, sponsor has rights to disqualify the participant.


Promotion cancellation

The sponsor reserves the right to cancel or modify the promotion in the case of actions beyond the control of the sponsor, such as a fraud or technical malfunction is occurred. If any loss or damage to website and application of the promotion, sponsor shall claim to the person or persons under the Korean law and regulation. Participants agree terms and conditions of this promotion and comply with guideline and regulation by the sponsor.